Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fantasy League Winners Named

NPF Fantasy League 2013 Champion Crowned

NPFFL Presenting Sponsor Softball.com
Nashville, TN - October 1, 2013
- NPF Fantasy League 2013 presented by Softball.com wrapped up about as closely as the 2013 Championship Series. It was the “Ball Busters” that finished with the highest overall point total on the season (1609) when the dust settled. “Rosemont’s Pro Tailgating Team” finished a close second (1596), a mere 13 points separating the first and second place finishers over a full season of action. Finishing third in the overall points totals was “Medicgrrl75” (1578).

In addition to the overall totals, the 2013 season was split into two halves which both recognized top finishers. First half top three finishers in order were: “Ball Busters” (809), “My111life” (676), and “Rosemont’s Pro Tailgating Team” (670). Second half top three finishers in order were: “VT#1” (996), “Medicgrrl75” (972), and “FTC” (962).

The 2013 season concluded the second year of Fantasy League action in the National Pro Fastpitch league. Since January, NPFFL added 1251 new users. The 2013 season included 157 Leagues made up of 691 teams involving 1386 overall active players. Overall there are 4001 NPFFL users.

The overall winners for the 2013 season receive a prize package from NPF along with a gift certificate from NPFFL 2013 presenting sponsor, Softball.com. All 2013 participants also received a discount code for purchases on Softball.com.
Fantasy League players are eligible to receive a $10.00 off coupon of any order of $50.00 or more by visiting Softball.com and using this code : NPFFS13. 
This code may be used multiple times and is good through 12/31/2013.

About Softball.Com
Softball.com is a brand member of Team Express Distributing, LLC. a distributor of sporting goods and athletic equipment, footwear and apparel. It markets through its Team Express Distributing, LLC. Catalogs, its retail store in San Antonio, TX and its online store via the Internet. The company started in 1990 has been dedicated to providing fanatical customer service and ease of shopping to the baseball and softball players who demand the best performance products at reasonable prices. Team Express family of brands include Baseball Express, Basketball Express, Football America, and Softball.Com.

Pointstreak, developer of the NPF Fantasy League, is headquartered in Vancouver, BC.  Canada is dedicated to being a leader in sports technology with the goal of enhancing the experience for players, parents, coaches, fans, media and leagues. Pointstreak offers real-time scoring, websites, online registration solutions for youth and professional baseball/softball teams, leagues and tournaments.
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Championship Series Schedule

The most anticipated event of the NPF season is upon us.  There is one word to describe the competition that will be at this years event and that is "intense."

The first 2 rounds are single elimination.  What creates intensity in this years tournament is the fact that all of the teams this year  have proven that they can beat anybody on any given day.

You can catch the first 2 days of action being streamed live on www.profastpitch.com. The final game and (if necessary game) will air on ESPN2 4:00 CST on August 24, 2013.

2013 NPF Championship Series Schedule^
Game 1- Thursday 8/22 7:00 pm:  #4 Seed NY/NJ Comets vs. #3 Seed Akron Racers
Game 2- Friday 8/23 5:30 pm: Winner Game 1 vs. #2 Seed USSSA Pride
*Game 3- Friday 8/23 8:30 pm: Winner Game 2 vs. #1 Seed Chicago Bandits
*Game 4- Saturday 8/24 4:00 pm: Winner Game 2 vs. #1 Seed Chicago Bandits
*Game 5 (IF NECESSARY) Saturday 8/24 7:00 pm:
Winner Game 2 vs. #1 Seed Chicago Bandits

All games are played at The Ballpark at Rosemont in Rosemont, IL. Seeding for the Championship Series is based on the NPF Regular season finish for each team. The Chicago Bandits earned the number one seed after capturing their sixth regular season championship last Saturday night on the very last regular season game for the two teams in title contention, the Bandits and the USSSA Pride.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pride v Bandits "The Showdown"

Week 11 has the top two teams in the league,  the Chicago Bandits and the Florida Pride  headed for a showdown. Oh this one going to be good!  The Bandits have a two game lead over the Pride with a four game series set starting tonight. The Florida Pride need to win three of four games from the Chicago Bandits in order to force a tie breaker for first place.  The tie breaker would go to the Pride if they can win three of four games this weekend. The first determining factor if a tie breaker is needed is head to head competition between these two teams.

Playing in Chicago hasn't been too kind to the Pride and the Bandits know how to take care of their home field.  However, in the last meeting between these 2 teams, the Pride did take three of four games from the Bandits, while playing in Kissimmee, Fl.  The question remains, can the Pride beat the Bandits consecutively on the road?  The Bandits have loyal fans so look for Bandit Nation to be out in full force.

This series has ramifications for who wins the regular season as it sets up the seeding for next weeks NPF Championship Series. The winner of the regular season advances straight to the best two out of three games for the Cowles Cup Championship.

So hold on tight as you don't want to miss this one.  This series will show us all, what these two teams true colors are really made of.

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

When Is It Time For The Hook?

One of the decisions I think a lot of coaches struggle with, is when to pull a pitcher from a game. I mean, when should  a coach say "Get her out of there," or to be politically correct " Let's make a change. "
There are a few warning signs that can help give a coach, or the catcher, some tips if the pitcher is "done."  A lot of time the offense's goal is to have quality at-bats. If a pitcher is buzzing along, then all of a sudden begins to give up some "hard hit" outs, that's an early warning sign. Of course an increase in hits, or particularly, consecutive base hits, is a definite.  
Another sign of when it's time to make a change, is when the pitcher begins to fall behind in the count on a regular basis. This may even result in walking batters.  Falling behind in the count will be linked to giving up big hits and more walks. Either of those will beat a team quick. Read the signs!  On offense we count how many first pitch strikes a pitcher throws. On defense, if you're wondering if it's time to make a change, count how many first pitch balls the pitcher is throwing.  Or count how many batters she has been behind in the count in, over the last inning or two.
The tell tale sign a pitcher is done is when she starts looking at the dugout. This body language says, "Hey, I am struggling, do you want to take me out?" Or "take me out" or just flat out, "HELP!" I always believe actions speak louder than words. So don't be fooled by a pitcher's great answers if she doesn't want  to come out of the game. Read the signs....then give her the hook!

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Championship Series Format

This year's NPF Championships can prove to be more than exciting with the new format that is now in place.  This format was voted on by all of the owners in the off season.  I think the bracket favors the #1 seed.  The new format has the regular season champ getting a bye in the first two rounds of play.  This is a great reward!  

This is what makes the Cowles Cup an interesting Championship.  On the first day of competition the 4th seed plays the 3rd seed.  The loser of that game is eliminated.  The following day, the winner of that first game plays the 2nd seed.  The loser is eliminated and the winner moves on to the best 2 out of 3 against the #1 seed.

During the first two days of the tournament anything is possible.  Look at the Akron Racers last season during the Championship.  They finished 4th during the regular season and came up just short of being in the finals as they peaked as a team when it counted.

If the standings stay as they are today, the Comets have proven they can beat the number 1 and 2 seeds,  as have the Racers.  All it takes is one win during the first two games to bounce a higher seed from the tournament.  This part of the Championship could favor the lower seeds.

The only negative for the 1 seed might be that the other team playing early in the tournament, could gain momentum by having a game or two under their belt heading into the finals. However, the one seed will be rested.  After a tough schedule of regular season games, that rest... could be the difference maker. 

It should be a great turn out for these games.  Let's hope for a little sunshine this year!

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rookie Watch Part II

If all goes well whoever wins this years Rookie of the Year will definitely put up some impressive numbers. This years Rookie class is one of the most talented ever. However,  I think this years Rookie of the Year has been narrowed down between 2 teams.

The Chicago Bandits have had the ROY the last 4 out of 5 seasons and this year looks like they might make it 5 of 6. 

Michelle Gascoigne, Bandits - Has pitched 52.2 innings this year and has only given up 11 earned runs with her 1.46 ERA.  Her ERA is second lowest on the team to Monica Abbott.  Not too shabby.

Ayumi Karino, Racers - Well it took a little while for her to get going  but I think she's got the system down.  All of a sudden Karino is batting .321 with an OB% of .391.  She has risen to the challenge of the NPF.

Nerissa Myers, Bandits - She is batting .350 and batting 3rd in the line up, one spot after Wiggins and before Goler and Williams.  Her OB % is .424.  What a great addition she has been to an already dangerous Bandit line-up.

Kimi Pohlman, Bandits - She hovered around .300 most of the season and has raised her average to .345 over the last few weeks.  To go along with her average she has an OB% of .376 and compliments the bottom of the Bandits order with her offensive versatility.

Andi Williamson, Bandits - She has pitched the second most innings on the Bandits behind you know who.  She is 7-2 on the season with a 1.94 ERA.  She continues to get the ball in big games and more often than not....delivers.

Nerissa Myers - Chicago Bandits
Photo by Dina Kwit
Courtesy of National Pro Fastpitch
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