Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pride v Bandits "The Showdown"

Week 11 has the top two teams in the league,  the Chicago Bandits and the Florida Pride  headed for a showdown. Oh this one going to be good!  The Bandits have a two game lead over the Pride with a four game series set starting tonight. The Florida Pride need to win three of four games from the Chicago Bandits in order to force a tie breaker for first place.  The tie breaker would go to the Pride if they can win three of four games this weekend. The first determining factor if a tie breaker is needed is head to head competition between these two teams.

Playing in Chicago hasn't been too kind to the Pride and the Bandits know how to take care of their home field.  However, in the last meeting between these 2 teams, the Pride did take three of four games from the Bandits, while playing in Kissimmee, Fl.  The question remains, can the Pride beat the Bandits consecutively on the road?  The Bandits have loyal fans so look for Bandit Nation to be out in full force.

This series has ramifications for who wins the regular season as it sets up the seeding for next weeks NPF Championship Series. The winner of the regular season advances straight to the best two out of three games for the Cowles Cup Championship.

So hold on tight as you don't want to miss this one.  This series will show us all, what these two teams true colors are really made of.

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