Thursday, August 8, 2013

Championship Series Format

This year's NPF Championships can prove to be more than exciting with the new format that is now in place.  This format was voted on by all of the owners in the off season.  I think the bracket favors the #1 seed.  The new format has the regular season champ getting a bye in the first two rounds of play.  This is a great reward!  

This is what makes the Cowles Cup an interesting Championship.  On the first day of competition the 4th seed plays the 3rd seed.  The loser of that game is eliminated.  The following day, the winner of that first game plays the 2nd seed.  The loser is eliminated and the winner moves on to the best 2 out of 3 against the #1 seed.

During the first two days of the tournament anything is possible.  Look at the Akron Racers last season during the Championship.  They finished 4th during the regular season and came up just short of being in the finals as they peaked as a team when it counted.

If the standings stay as they are today, the Comets have proven they can beat the number 1 and 2 seeds,  as have the Racers.  All it takes is one win during the first two games to bounce a higher seed from the tournament.  This part of the Championship could favor the lower seeds.

The only negative for the 1 seed might be that the other team playing early in the tournament, could gain momentum by having a game or two under their belt heading into the finals. However, the one seed will be rested.  After a tough schedule of regular season games, that rest... could be the difference maker. 

It should be a great turn out for these games.  Let's hope for a little sunshine this year!

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