Thursday, July 18, 2013

What does Ricketts Mean to the NPF?

There has been a lot of hype this week about the excitement of Keilani Ricketts signing with the USSSA Florida Pride and becoming a member of NPF.  Ricketts is an extremely decorated athlete coming out of college.  She is only the third softball player ever to win the Honda Cup Award (Lisa Fernandez and Natasha Watley) and is the reigning 2x National Player of the Year in NCAA Softball.

So just what does it mean that Rickett's has joined the NPF?  To start she along with a handful of other talented young players will soon become the face of the league. 

The NPF is providing not just a platform for women to continue their careers. It is an opportunity for players to reach their potential.  This is something that the majority of softball player's never get a chance to fulfill. Most players careers are cut short when their college careers come to an end due to limited opportunities to play beyond college.  

The NPF also makes it possible for their players to compete at the highest level against the top talent in the world.  Time and again I hear players say " There are no holes in the line up, or "Every pitcher is good, there are no breaks in the pitcher's rotation."

Ricketts coming into the league is another confirmation the league is getting stronger, gaining notoriety, and is the place to play if players want to compete with the best. 

Ricketts will make her debut this weekend for the USSSA Pride.  You can see the games live on ESPN2 Sat at 2:00 EST and Sunday at 3:00 EST
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Photo Courtesy OU Softball

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