Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Most Outstanding Player

As NPF league play heads into the final weeks of the regular season,  there have been some special performances by some special players.

Just who deserves this years award for Most Outstanding Player?  More importantly, what are the qualities for an athlete to win this award?

The obvious note is that this years MOP should  have the stats to justify their selection of the award. These numbers should not just be solid, they should be a wow factor. Take last year's winner, Caitlin Lowe.  She batted .440 with 51 hits and an on base percentage of .496.

This years winner should be no different. Her stats should be well above everyone else's. However,  there is more to winning this award then just the stat category. The Most Outstanding Player award means that this player's team cannot win without her. Her performances and her clutch contributions will be difference makers throughout the season.

Another ingredient of this award is that the MOP likely has the ability to motivate and elevate the performances of her teammates.  This quality is usually first noted  through a player's approach in practice and during games. The MOP is the straw that stirs the drink. She is a player the team responds to.  When the MOP comes through in a game, she ignites an energy within the team because her teammates realize that she is once again leading the way.

Oh, and surely there are several strong candidates for this years Most Outstanding Player Award.  I personally, am keeping my eyes on one player in particular who is roaming the grass and covering half her face with a bandana. With the home stretch of the season remaining... we will see what cream rises to the top.

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